Sausage Peeler Mod. S-PEEL-225

Sausage Peeler Mod. S-PEEL-225


High production automatic equipment for peeling of all kinds of cooked sausages with collagen or cellulose casing. It allows a great cost reduction given to the minimal manual intervention required.


• Characteristics:

Fully built in AISI-304 stainless steel.

It allows to peel all kinds of sausages, optionally even cocktail types.

Adjustable cutting system to avoid producing marks on the product.

Vacuum system for casing aspiration and integrated accumulation tank.

Push button control.


• Optional (not included):

Built-in steam generator.

Mobile machine by wheels.

Cocktail-type sausage peeling system.

Technical Specification
  • Productionup to 2700kg/h. *
  • Adjustable peeling speedfrom 30 to 225m/min.
  • Standard sausage length80mm.
  • Minimum length with “cocktail” complement25mm.
  • Caliberfrom 15 to 35mm
  • Steam consumption18Kgv/h (optional steam)
  • Air consumption0.4m3/h (6bar)
  • Electric power3.6kW
  • Overall dimensions (LxWxH)1725x689x1346mm
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