VSE 30 Thermoforming packaging machine

VSE 30 Thermoforming packaging machine

The Hajek-VSE 30 has been totally re-designed, with the status “industry 4.0 ready”.

Thanks to the new and consistent hygienic design and extraordinary ease of operation and easy servicing, it obtains best scores in terms of practical orientation and efficiency.The VSE 30 can be configured as flexibly as possible for a variety of requirements based on its completely modular structure.

Focus on ease of operation and service orientation
Optimum support of the operator also leads to maximum possible process safety being achieved. In this context, Hajek opts for a simple mechanical system and high-end software and sensor technology. The bottom line is: This stand-alone concept for supporting the service helps to minimise technical downtime. Interesting the fact that a completely modern hygienic design complements the efficiency of use. The VSE 30 can, for instance, be cleaned very easily: Reduction of recess spaces and blocked spaces and substantial prevention of product residues sticking in some places.
Technical Specification

Technical Data

Machine length: Depending on the machine configuration

Machine width (mm): 285 – 320 – 355 – 420 – 459 – 520 – 560 – 620

Special widths available on request

Cut-off length (mm): 200-600

Draw depth (mm): ≤ 150

Performance: ≤ 15 cycles/min.

Packing Material:
bottom = soft film, semi-rigid film, shrink film
top = soft film, hard film, skin film, shrink film