High Pressure Hydraulic Injector Mod. MP-50

High Pressure Hydraulic Injector Mod. MP-50


The high pressure injection technology creates a multiple “spray” nebulizer effect, dispersed inside the muscle, which ensures optimal distribution of the brine, by obtaining a high injection with high production and providing great uniformity of color, flavor and texture. The multiple configuration possibilities of the different models allow productions of both a single product and different varieties with or without bone.


• Characteristics:

Strategically located injection points.

Adjustable injection percentage from 15 to 90% in a single pass.

Head with retractable needles and retainers.

Conveyor feed with electronically adjustable step.

Non-slip plastic modular belt conveyor.

Filtration of the brine through self-cleaning rotating drum, two plate filters and a suction filter.

Brine tank with agitator.

Needle connection through quick links by push buttons.

Transparent protections for visual control of the injection.

Hydraulic actuation of the cylinders.

Control panel with programmable automaton and touch screen.


• Optional:

Reinforced blade type independent tenderizer head set

Injection height increase to 250mm.

Injection system with electronically variable pressure.

Tank with double jacket for brine cooling.

Technical Specification
  • Production4500kg/máx (según producto, tipo de salmuera y porcentaje de inyección requerido)
  • Overall dimensions (LxWxH)2870x2500x2500mm
  • Tape width615mm
  • Injection height200mm
  • Number of Heads / Number of Needles1/50
  • Injection points550
  • Injection needle pressure6bar
  • Maximum injection volume4L/cycle
  • Conveyor feedfrom 15 to 100mm/cycle
  • Electric power12kW
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