High Pressure Hydraulic Injector Mod. MP-30

High Pressure Hydraulic Injector Mod. MP-30


The high pressure injection technology creates a multiple “spray” nebulizer effect, dispersed inside the muscle, which ensures optimal distribution of the brine, by obtaining a high injection with high production and providing great uniformity of color, flavor and texture. The multiple configuration possibilities of the different models allow productions of both a single product and different varieties with or without bone.


• Characteristics:

Strategically located injection points.

Adjustable injection percentage from 10 to 80% in a single pass.

Head with retractable needles and retainers.

Conveyor feed with electronically adjustable step.

Non-slip plastic modular belt conveyor.

Filtration of the brine through a self-cleaning rotating drum, two plate filters and a suction filter.

Brine tank with agitator.

Needle connection through quick links by push buttons.

Transparent protections for visual control of the injection.

Hydraulic actuation of the cylinders.

Built in AISI-304 stainless steel and FDA technical plastics.

Control panel with programmable automaton and touch screen.


• Optional:

Reinforced blade type tenderizer head set connected to the head.

Injection height increase to 250mm.

Injection system with electronically variable pressure.

Tank with double jacket for brine cooling.

Technical Specification
  • Production2800Kg max*
  • Overall dimensions (LxWxH)2800x2100x2500mm
  • Tape width470mm
  • Injection height200mm
  • Number of Heads / Number of Needles1/50
  • Injection points550mm
  • Injection needle pressure6bar
  • Maximum injection volume2L/cycle
  • Conveyor feedfrom 15 to 200mm/cycle
  • Electric power13kW
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