Automatic Slicer Mod. SliceFil-600

Automatic Slicer Mod. SliceFil-600


The range of automatic slicers are noted for their high performance and range of use. They are indicated for industries with large production of cold meats, ham and cheese. Product loading is done manually or automatically depending on the customer needs. The product is supported by clamps that move the product toward the circular blade and cutting the product with great precision placing it in stacked portions or staggered batches in an output belt that is forward synchronized.



Heavy duty construction made of AISI-304 stainless steel.

Developed in accordance with 2006/42/CE European Directive.

This slicer is ideal for cutting and stacking cured and cooked sausage, fresh meat and cheese.

With exit coveyor band to ease the manual unload for the trays to the packing machine.

Pneumatic and automatic product gripper with product detection sensor.

Pneumatic operated vertical and horizontal rammer with pressure regulation to secure the product during the slicing process.

This machine can deliver the following design shapes: slim individual slice, thick individual slice, vertical stack, phased stack, phased, endless phased, folded. The slice number in each package as well as the package length or the separation between them are adjustable.

All the parameters are easy-to-use from the control panel with capacity for 50 recipes.

Slicing system: circular balde. Two independent motor: orbital and circular speeds are adjustable.

Technical Specification

Dimensions (mm): 3185x855x2220

Maximum product length: 1000 mm

Maximum cutting gap: 240×130 mm. (Widthx Height)

Slice width: Adjustable from 0,50 to 50 mm.

Blade diameter: 420 mm.

Production: Up to 600 cuts/minute

Electric Power: 6kW

Weight: 680 Kg


Options (Not included):

Folding device.

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