Weber – Slicer 404

Weber – Slicer 404

Capacity: 2400 slices per minute

Condition: used

Year: 2005

Machine is designed for slicing sausages and meat products.

The compact design of the 402 makes this slicer ideal for lower volume processors. Three or four logs can be sliced simultaneously leading to output of 2400 slices per minute.

Two styles are available in the Model 402 slicer. Weighing and sorting can be accomplished with Model 402MLC, while a transport conveyer is standard on Model 402UB.

Maintenance tasks can be safely carried out by laterally sliding the front conveyors to reach the product throat or blade. This feature also aids in hygienic washdown, an important consideration on any slicing line.


Slice 3 or 4 logs simultaneously through 330 mm wide throat
→ Load products up to 1200 mm long, increasing throughput
→ Circular blade creates perfect slices at speeds up to 600 RPM
→ Exclusive gripper and blade technology eliminate product feathering, rips and tears
→ Wide range of options available (e. g. interleaver, automatic infeeder and checkweigher)
→ Flexible presentation options and slice thickness 0.1 to 50 mm
→ Product support conveyor eliminates thick/thin slice variance

Technical Specification

Technical data
Slicing throat (w x h mm): max. 330 x 150
Cutting system: circular blade
Product length (mm): 1200
Max. cutting speed (rpm): 600
Cutting thickness (mm): 0.1 – 50