Tumbler for Marinating Mod. MACDAL-3000

Tumbler for Marinating Mod. MACDAL-3000


The special design of the blade and position offers an optimal massage of the product. The possibility of working under vacuum allows the so-called ‘lung effect’ to be achieved, by favoring the elimination of air bubbles and the uniformity of color in the product, in addition to increasing its protein extraction. A soft, intermediate or vigorous massage can be carried out for low, medium or high-yield products.


• Characteristics:

Adjustable height feet.

Internal temperature monitoring during the process.

Becker brand vacuum pump.

Automatic unloading by inversion of rotation and helical slipping.

Variable turning speed.

Air extraction head inside the tumbler.

Double glass Air filtration system.

Side access gate for cleaning and inspection.

Built in AISI-304 stainless steel and FDA technical plastics.

Control panel with programmable microprocessor and touch panel.


• Options (not included):

FREDSYSTEM double jacket cooling system.

Color touch screen with recipe settings.

Technical Specification
  • Capacity3000L
  • Payload1300 to 1400kg max
  • Overall dimensions (LxWxH)3825x1850x2200mm
  • Inlet diameter 515mm
  • Load center heigh t1400mm
  • Variable turn speedfrom 3 to 12rpm max
  • Pump flow 63m3/h
  • Electric power 4.5kW


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