Brine Preparation Equipment Mod. SALMIX-1000 Plus

Brine Preparation Equipment Mod. SALMIX-1000 Plus


It allows the quick, controlled and efficient preparation of any type of brine, by reducing the stirring time, avoiding temperature rises and improving the dissolution of additives.


• Characteristics:

Tank in square shape with support for turboagitator.

Turbo agitator with grinding head.

Platform with access ladder.

Digital liter counter for water entry.

Hopper for mixing additives by Venturi effect.

High flow recirculation pump.

DIN type unloading valve and manual drain.

Built in AISI-304 stainless steel and FDA technical plastics.

Push-button control panel with timer.


• Options (not included):

Touch screen with recipe programming.

Automatic valve system.

Double jacket for refrigeration.

Pipe with cleaning sprayers for the inside of the tank.

Technical Specification
  • Capacity1000L
  • Turbo stirrer power7.5kW
  • Pump power4kW
  • Pump flow30m3/h
  • Overall dimensions (LxWxH)2200x2500x2700
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