Automatic croquettes and meatballs machine Mod. FA

Automatic croquettes and meatballs machine Mod. FA


Module destined to the elaboration of meatballs and / or croquettes by rolling with a finished in hand-crafted. The unique design of the lubrication system prevents the adhesiveness of the dough to the roller and allows the use of flavored oils or wine to give a distinctive flavor to the dough. Ready to be connected to any stuffer.


  • Characteristics:

Splitting head and cutting using blades or lyres (2/4 outputs).

Head with flow distributor and cut by blades or lyres. (6/8 outputs)

Variable cutting speed.

Weight regulation from the stuffer panel.

Different formats depending on the diameter and weight of the product to be obtained.

Metal belt conveyor with adjustable speed.

Pneumatic operation.

Timed addition of lubricant in the rolling.

Pushbutton control panel.

Technical Specification

Production: up to 150 cycles / min.

Number of outputs: 2/4/6/8

Belt width: 400/600 mm.

Dimensions (LxAxH): 1000×600/800×1500 mm

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