ASGO Mixers

ASGO Mixers


ASGO Mixers are efficient, heavy duty and reliable machines used on the production of almost all kind of foodstuffs – sausages, formed ham, paté, burgers, minced meat, meatballs, croquettes, kebab, dough, fish, cheese, sauces, etc. – and comply with the last requirements in terms of safety of the last Directive CE Machines.

All our Mixers have tilting tub for better and easy emptying and cleaning operations, double and parallel paddles (ZZ, SS or TT shaped) for gentle and convenient handling of the different foodstuffs and an integrated arm lifter for 200 L standard bins to load the tub (except on the 150 L model). An independent column lifter for bins is also available as optional for this model.

The state-of-the-art technology for Mixers is used: vacuum or atmospheric versions, manual or automatic mode, cryogenic LIN or LIC cooling systems, double jacket cooling or heating systems, fixed or stepless variable speed on the paddles, all functions controlled by an optional PLC with a touch screen keypad.

The optional PLC control is mounted in parallel with the push button system and allows the operator to design, store and recall production programs in terms of time (total, mix-in, mix-out), vacuum intervals, temperature control and running speed of the paddles. Relevant information regarding maintenance, service and electrical troubleshooting is also displayed.

We are able to supply three kind of paddles, each intended to mix specific products. On the left it is possible to find the Z, S and T construction paddles images. Contact our sales department in order to find extended information about the correct paddle for your specific product.

The machine base configuration has an IP65 manual push button control unit. This unit can be tilted for ease operation. Here we can find all the necessary push buttons to tilt the vat, lid and elevator. The mixing control push buttons are also included.
All safety button are included from safety emergency stop to safety bimanual control push buttons for product extraction from vat. It includes also a main power switch.
A machine built with a programmable controller, also IP65 protected, includes features for cycle control, time based programmable settings for mixing operation, pause, vacuum, air and CO2 venting. Safety operation alarms (vat, lid and elevator), service system survey and maintenance data information are standard features on any ASGO programmable controller.  Mixing speed setting, CO2 temperature range control settings are included according the respective option.
ASGO programmable controller brings full control over the machine systems.


Cryogenic (CO2) and stepless mixing speed
Cryogenic temperature control system can be added as optional. This optional provides product temperature control within user temperature range settings. The stainless lid includes one pneumatic controlled exhaustion valve, air venting windows and one observation window. Temperature reading is achieved by one PT100 temperature sensor.
Stepless mixing speed integrates one speed frequency inverter to control the main electric motor. Speed range starts from 15 to 45min-1.


Vacuum system
Optional vacuum system provides control over air-product mixture. Vacuum level can be set by one manual regulator and also observed at the vacuum gauge. Vacuum system includes a vacuum pump and product vacuum filter. This prevents pump damages. According to mixer model we can find vacuum pump capacities from 21m3/h to 100m3/h. Vacuum pump final pressure fine quality range is 0,5 mbar.


This device carries the trolley into operation. It includes a safety clamping device and a tilt adjusting device. The clamping device avoids accidental trolley exit from cradle. The safety device automatically closes after the beginning of lifting operation and it opens again when it touches the ground. The tilt adjusting device adjusts the cradle according to the ground surface angle in order to ease up the entrance of the trolley.