Hajek Cheese pre-cutting ES 1153

Hajek Cheese pre-cutting ES 1153


The new ES 1153 cuts cheese for further processing!
The presented developed machine delivers quick and uncompromising
results within one production work flow. The bar cuts of cheese loaves
and blocks can optionally be cut into pieces within the cutting process
(guillotine cutting knife with knife flags) .

Technical Specification

Max. product dimensions: (width: 960 mm / height: 380 mm) for type HB


In a theoretical continuous feeding section of B = 600 mm

and H = 100 mm and a feed rate of 50 mm (cutting feed under the guillotine)

is the performance of approximately 2.7 to 3 tons / hour .

Upon reaching a higher feed cross-section

(max . B = 850 mm , H = 120 mm ) is also a higher tonnage possible .