The innovative andpatentedhygienicdesign of the new ULMA Inoxtruck Hand Pallet Truck Scale, ensures a lower microbiological contamination risk, guaranteeing strict hygiene compliance in the high demanding area of the food industry.
The MPTS Series of Hand pallet trucks with Integrated Weighing System, provide a precise measurement for checking weights
at goods reception and shipping, thanks to the four weighing cell technology. The stainless steel load cells mounted on the push rods are protected by an outside frame against posible shocks, avoiding callibration errors.

Technical Specification

1.1 Manufacturer (Abreviation) ULMA Inoxtruck
1.2 Manufacturer’s model designation EBT10
1.3 Power source: battery, diesel, LP gas, petrol Battery
1.4 Operator type: pedestrian, operator standing, seated Pedestrian
1.5 Load capacity Q kg 1000
1.6 Load center distance C mm 600
1.8 Load wheel axle to fork face X mm 950
1.9 Wheelbase Y m 1550
1.10 Chassis AISI 304L
1.11 Sheet AISI 304L
2.1 Truck weight with nominal load & maximum battery weight kg 1320
2.2 Axle loading nominal load & maximum battery weight, drive/load
kg 845/475
2.3 Axle loading without load & maximum battery weight, drive/load
kg 63/257
Wheels and Drive Train
3.1 Tyres: P=Polyurethane, PA=Polyamide (nylon), Vul=Vulkollan,
drive/load side
3.2 Tyres dimensions, drive side 160 X 40
3.3 Tyres dimensions, load side 82 X 78
3.5 Number of wheels, drive/load side (x=driven) 2/4
3.6 Track width (center of tyres), drive side b10 mm 900
3.7 Track width (center of tyres), load side b11 mm 370
4.5 Overall height with tilted trolley h4 mm 2870
4.9 Height of tiller arm (minimum/maximum) h14 mm 940
4.15 Fork height, fully lowered h13 mm 90
4.19 Overall length I1 mm 1850
4.20 Length to fork face (includes fork thickness) I2 mm 700
4.21 Overall width b1 mm 995
4.22 Fork dimensions (thickness, width, length) s/e/l mm 61/190/1150
4.25 Outside width over forks (minimum/maximum) b5 mm 560
4.32 Ground clearance at center of wheelbase m2 mm 30
4.34a Working aisle width (Ast) with 800 x 1200 mm pallets, load lengthwise
Ast mm 2190
4.35 Turning circle radius Wa mm 1475
4.42 Tilted trolley height ht mm 1300
4.43 Tilting angle º 115
5.2 Tilting time, with/without load s 25/20
5.3 Lowering speed, with/without load s 20/20
Motor Eléctrico
6.2 Lift motor output at 15% duty factor kW 2
6.4 Battery voltage/capacity at 5 hour discharge V/Ah 12/80
6.5 Battery weight kg 34
by challenges
• Remote control wireless
• Stainless steel AISI 316L
• Main power connection 230V