ASGO stainless steel ELIC column lifters

ASGO stainless steel ELIC column lifters


The stainless steel ELIC column lifter is intended to work exclusively with tip carts or European standard hoist bins. In this case, the bins must be built according to DIN9797. They are intended to carry a homogeneous mixture of food product.
The lifter has one hoist bin holding and docking structure. This structure is called cradle.
The machine is powered by electricity and the main movements are controlled throughout electric push buttons. The hoisting movement is powered by an electric brake motor that prevents accidental falls when the electric power is down or when an electric malfunction occurs. It uses a roller chain for movement transmission. The lifter works with an unique and pre adjusted lifting height. The lifting movement is stopped in its highest or lower position by an electric position sensor.

The machine is controlled by electric push buttons. On the control box it’s possible to find 3 push buttons. They control the upward and downward movement. The stop button allows the interruption of any movement.
These movements are executed automatically without the need of keep pressing any buttons.
On operation we can find an audible warning sign.

This device carries the hoist bin into operation. It is design according to the hoist bin dimensions. It includes a safety clamping pedal and a tilt adjusting device. The clamping pedal avoids accidental hoist bin exit from cradle. On the other hand the tilt adjusting device adjusts the cradle according to the ground surface angle.


As an auxiliary machine it can be fitted and built according to other machine dimensional requirements. Fixed to the ground or mobile, it’s also possible to design it according to multiple fixed lifting heights. Cradle can be also fitted on the left or right side of column.

Technical Specification
Model Capacity Max lifting height Speed
ELIC100 100kg 2,05 m (*) 5,7 m/min
ELIC200 250kg 2,05 m (*) 5,7 m/min
ELIC350 350kg 2,90 m (*) 5,7 m/min
ELIC500 500kg ** 2,4 m/min
ELIC750 750kg ** 2,4 m/min
ELIC1000 1000kg ** 2,4 m/min
other lifting heights according to customer request.

** lifting height according to customer reque